Technical Publication is one of the booming sectors in Aerospace, Automobile, Locomotive and energy domain. Companies across globe intend to outsource the technical publication work to India. In the recent years the technical publication has dominated the job market for Aerospace domain providing more than 5000 jobs. The top OEM companies like Boeing, Airbus, Textron etc established their dedicated COE for Technical publication in India.

This training program aims to bridge the gap between the academic and industry requirement. It not only gives familiarization to technical publication but also include strengthening the engineering basics and soft skills to crack the interview.

Technical publication training program covers four domains which includes

  • Engineering basics
  • Technical publication standards
  • Technical manuals, software
  • Interpersonal skill development.
  • Placement assurance
  • Experience Certificate
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Training handouts

This is project based training where the Engineers will get project to work on following the theory session. At the end of this program the Engineers will not only get to know about the basics but also get the project experience

  • Creation and updation of manuals like AMM, CMM, IPC etc
  • Converting Legacy standard to Aerospace standards
  • Tracing and reproducing illustration
  • Creating illustration from 3D CAD model

Target Audience

  • BE Aero/Mech/Automobile/Electronics
  • Dipolama in Aero/Mech/Automobile/Electronics
  • AME

Available Training model

OnlineTraining: 25o Hours

Classroom session: 3 Month