Training & Development

The main objective of this Skill development training is to make Young graduates to take up industry-relevant skill training that will help them in securing a better career.

More than 75% of employers believe that graduating students are lacking the skills and less prepared for the current industry and corporate environment. Progressing from education into work isn’t always as straight forward as students may think, there are lots of highly qualified unemployed people in the world with both Soft and Technical Skills continuously learning for progression.

Developing skills for work and career planning can be confusing for many people and students need help through this critical journey.

There is a gap between how prepared recent college graduates think they are, and how prepared employers find them to be. The preparedness gap in many soft skills is extremely large.

College graduates and employers agree that soft skills are important for workplace success and a certificate course in soft skills training would be beneficial for college students.

Gaining a good academic qualification is a starting point however students also need to consider the value they can add to a potential employee by making themselves truly indispensable.

Our Training model