Revising a design or Redesigning a product

As part of any new design, revising a design or redesigning a product, the stack up analysis must be taken into consideration by the design team.

At Aerofolic, our team will study the potential accumulated variation and statistical method that is allowed by specific dimensions and tolerances within the design. This will be done by using models and drawings of the product. We will use both an arithmetic worst case maximum and minimum values to calculate the maximum and minimum distances between two features within the design.

Depending on requirements from our customer, Aerofolic will determine the best way to analyze the stack up of the design. We often use worst-case analysis to determine the stack up calculation for most product designs.

Aerofolic performs Drawing Generation, Interpretation and Prediction of Assembly Build and Performance:

  • Specification of Inspection Dimensions for Quality Control
  • Conversion of Plus/ Minus Tolerance Drawings to GD&T Drawings
  • Prediction of Rejection in terms of PPM based on available process capability
  • 1-D, 2-D and 3-D tolerance stack up analysis which is to predict Assembly Build and Performance
  • Worst Case Tolerance Analysis can be identified with Interference Check for predicting Build Issues
  • Least Cost Tolerance of parts to protect assembly build and function based on Process Capability available in the Organization
  • Optimization of Tolerances for Least-Cost
  • Sensitivity Analysis of Tolerances for specified objectives in Assembly and Performance