Aerofolic Engineers excels in designing from the scratch.

Aerofolic Engineers excels in designing from the scratch. We are experienced in developing and optimizing client products that secured worldwide patents.

Aerofolic specializes in new concept design and optimization, operating in high performance technologies in multiple sectors and using our breadth of engineering knowledge and experience.

The concept design stage of any project is most important; it sets the agenda and delivers ‘the vision’. Using the information from your brief, and our evaluation process, we explore various areas and generate different concept ideas. We often apply technologies from other sectors to optimize and maximize the performance of our client’s concepts.

We actively encourage you to feel part of the team and take an active part in the design process. Building a strong professional relationship throughout the project ensures we achieve the best possible design solution to meet your expectations.

Elements of the concept design phase

There are often three elements within the concept design phase.

  • The Evaluation Stage: This is the most important phase, using our engineering knowledge and expertise. We provide you with an array of options and ideas, all with differing features, styles, materials, and functions to create a list of options’. From these you will choose certain elements to refine your idea into a design solution. This will then form the basis of the finished product.
  • Scope of Work. We work with you to develop a scope of works to ensure that the project is fully defined and agreed by you.
  • Design & Modeling. Once the Scope of Work is approved by you, the design phase will begin, and your ideas evolve to become a reality.