Aerofolic provide a 3D CAD conversion service

Aerofolic provide a 3D CAD conversion service whereby we take 2D input in various forms, from hand sketches to complex multi-sheet 2D drawings and then convert to 3D CAD.

Our CAD software produce neutral file formats such as STEP and IGES that are standard across the industry. These files are exchanged with other CAD systems or imported directly into Computer Aided Machining or Rapid Prototyping tools.

Manufacturing using 3D Technology has been a preferred way of working for last two decade. Modern CNC machines uses latest software that interpretates the 3D files and produces optimized tool paths with minimal operator programming.

The optimization results in easy in manufacture from 3D files than it does for a programmer to program from a 2D drawing, thus saving time and cost at every stage of the quoting and manufacturing cycle.This does not negate the need for a 2D drawing of suitable quality though – it is still required to provide information such as material, finish, geometric tolerances, torque settings, installation instruction and any other information that is generally contained within the notes section of a drawing.

The key thing is that the drawing is accompanied by a 3D file that is considered to be the “master” and the source of the dimensional information.

We have had huge requirement for this conversion services from foundries who are producing castings for all these years from patterns that now need replacing, where the original parts are more complex and documented across multiple sheets of a 2D drawing.