We're a team has expert in Designing Mechanical Machines

Aerofolic mechanical engineering team has expert in Designing Mechanical Machines like, Blowers, pneumatic convey systems airlock valves, dust collector and many more. Our designing service also include the 3D Solid Modeling, assembly, sheet metal and strength analysis.

We provide our customers with flexibility in what software the models and drawings are created with..Our team is also expertise in converting whole 3D Machine Model in to animation which gives the fare idea and real presentation of the working flow of the machine.

Mechanical 3D modeling includes:

  • Basic Linear Structural Analysis and Dynamic Response.
  • Analysis with highly non-Linear Material.
  • Thermal Mechanical Metaphysics Analysis.
  • Analysis with Composite Material.
  • Complex Contacts and Assemblies.
  • Analytic Fatigue Assessment/ Real Time Failure Forensics
  • Design and Product Optimization.


CAD drafting services now help every industrial sector with more precise and accurate data to work upon according to their requirements – including architectural & construction, facility management, utility, survey, geological and environmental, civil and structural engineering companies, mining consultants, and the mechanical industry.

CAD drafting is used for a variety of purposes – digitization of architectural paper plans of industrial and residential constructions, drafting of facility drawings such as HVAC plans, electric plans, pipeline plans, and space planning calculations, digitization of survey site plans, landscape drawings, ground cadastre plans, city plans, road network plans, tools and machinery used to make components etc.

CAD used to mean only automated drafting. But now it also includes 3D modeling and computer-simulated operation of the model. CAD enables engineers, consultants, and researchers to use computers to simulate operational data to determine loads and stresses instead of having to build prototypes and change components to determine the effects of tolerance ranges.