Manufacturing Services

Aerofolic offers a variety of integrated solutions, component manufacturing and complete reverse engineering services using both metals and plastics, providing both simple and complex solutions to the following industries Aerospace, Automobile, textile, alternative energy, Oil & Gas, etc. All of our manufacturing services are performed by our highly-trained and certified technicians.

Our Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering services (IMES) adopt a consultancy driven approach to address customer specific manufacturing requirements. We have a diverse group of professionals with expertise in various manufacturing environments and pre-determined motion time systems.

Our Service offering

  1. Machining
  2. Grinding & Lapping
  3. Polishing
  4. Reverse Engineering


High Precision Custom CNC Metal Machining Services

Aerofolic has the extensive capabilities to tackle even the most complex precision machined metal components. From smaller to high volumes, along with our in-house de burring and mechanical polishing capabilities, we are ready to machine your turned parts.

Customers choose our CNC machining for a extensive range of service, from simple hole drilling and punching to making round parts or square parts, to surfacing and more complex 3D machining. We have extensive experience in sophisticated end mill manufacturers, and depending on the parameters and capabilities of their tools, we can achieve their very best depth-to-diameter ratios.

Our extensive milling experience allow for the efficient removal of material, to produce small detailed and precision jobs. We also have the capability to create keyhole shapes, slots, pockets, fluted ends, fillets, and other configurations. Our know-how and experience in programming different speeds and feed rates enables us to tailor the process to meet your specifications. Our CNC milling equipment functions in multiple axes, to accommodate multiple cutting operations while minimizing setup time. In addition to working flat surfaces, our milling equipment can be used to produce a defined irregular surface or complex 3D shape.

Grinding & Lapping

High Precision Metal Grinding & Lapping Services

Our vast experience and in-depth Engineering knowledge helps to do high-precision grinding and lapping services, which allow us to achieve micron level tolerances and surface finishes unmatched by our competitors. Our ability to provide these services extend to tubes and wire with diameters almost too small to see.

Precision Grinding Services

Grinding has been our key strength over the years and today we offer an extensive range of CNC centerless, plunge, surface, profile, and double disk precision grinding services. We hold extraordinary tolerances, generate specific surface finishes, and create highly customized end features. And we pride ourselves on our ability to grind complex shapes in difficult-to-machine metals.

Precision Surface Grinding Services

Our Surface grinding capability enable us to produce a unique range of products, achieving micron level tolerances and surface finishes. Our combination of equipment, knowledge, and experience has made Metal Cutting a leader in the delivery of precision surface grinding services for the most demanding customer needs.

Custom Metal Grinding Features

We can produce complex multi-axis geometries on difficult-to-machine metals with surface finishes unavailable from machining centers by combining the capabilities grinding surfaces plunges and CNC profile grinding can efficiently produce Complex profiles, forms, multiple tapers, narrow slots, all angles, and pointed metal parts are all produced with speed and accuracy.

Lapping Services

Aerofolic has vast experience in Lapping process. We employ the lapping process when we require extremely tight length tolerances, highly polished part ends, and extraordinary flatness unavailable by any other production method; we employ our unique in-house lapping machines. We can process both tubes and solids using our experienced lapping, fine grinding, and flat honing capabilities, allowing us to meet your precision tolerance and surface finish requirements. Additionally, our flexible production capacity enables us to meet both large and small volume needs for precision small metal parts.

Precision Flat Lapping Metal Services

We have the desire skill set and experience to do precision lapping for precision lapping of solids and tubes, we have the capability to deliver the tightest length tolerances, the smoothest end finishes, and unmatched flatness and parallelism for your metal parts needs. Our extensive inventory of equipment enables us to perform flat lapping, honing, and polishing of all metals, meeting the tight tolerance and surface finish requirements of a wide range of applications.


Custom Metal Polishing Services

We have extensive capabilities in polishing machines running on a continuous, lights-out schedule. We have carefully crafted recipes that combine time, temperature, action, fluids and abrasives in order to yield consistent and specialized custom metal polishing results—regardless of quantity or part size.

Custom Metal Polishing Process and Capabilities

Our metal polishing process ranges from multiple ultrasonic frequencies to extremely vigorous centrifugal high-speed motion and everything in between. We offer 24/7 around the clock finishing capabilities using multiple machines to provide an infinite capacity. We utilize finishing equipment with a range of amplitude and frequency to achieve differential results. We have experience with multiple suspension fluids to execute uniquely lubricious polishing. Our abrasive media and powder span all shapes, types and formulations including proprietary metallic media we manufacture ourselves.

Drawing on our extensive custom metal polishing experience using abrasive methods in manufacturing, we have been able to achieve specialized finishes on a variety of metal shapes and surfaces, all to customer specifications.

Reverse Engineering

We have extensive capabilities to provide reverse engineering services creating CAD models of damaged or worn parts by extracting the design intent.

3D scanning is the fastest way to collect real world data and create a CAD model. It is this CAD model that is required for further design or manufacture.

Step 1- 3D Scanning

We use a range of 3D scanning technologies to capture millions of points that describe the geometric properties of the object. The raw scan data is referred to as a “Point Cloud” which can be used for taking dimensions. This data set can be used in inspection reports or as a guide for creating a CAD model.

Step 2- Creating a mesh model

Unless the project calls for the model to be created from the point cloud, the next step is to create a mesh model. This is done by connecting the points making triangular faces. Like the point cloud, the mesh can be used for inspection or taking dimensions. It is the mesh model that is normally used as a guide to create a CAD model. Features such as embossed text or even dents can be taken out of the mesh and basic geometry can be extracted to be used as a guide that speeds up the modelling process.

Step 3- Creating a CAD model

Using the mesh or point cloud as a guide, we create a CAD model which may be used in your existing CAD packages. The accuracy of the CAD model is checked against the initial scan data ensuring an accurate representation of the part.

It is during this stage of creating a CAD model from the mesh that any damage or imperfections are taken out which may be affecting the real part, or we can simply change the design to fit the client’s specifications. Should the client also require an “As Is” representation of the part, this can also be accommodated.